Concert Catl The Band (us) à Strasbourg le 19 juillet 2017

19 mercredi juillet 2017


Mudd club Mudd club

5.00 €

Plus d'infos sur le concert Catl The Band (us) à Strasbourg

MERCREDI 19 JUILLET - 21H30 - 5€


Ils tourneront avec un album produit par Jim Diamond, (Left Lane Cruiser, James leg ...)

After a winter-long hiatus, the rockin' rhythm 'n' blues group known as catl. are re-emerging with a newly configured line-up. Real-life couple Jamie Fleming (catl) and Sarah Kirkpatrick have decided to continue their musical journey as a duo with Kirkpatrick playing drums. The result is a sexy, raw, primordial rock and roll experience. All stripped down but just as energetic and fun. You can expect exciting re-workings of your favourite catl. songs as well as some brand new jams. The duo has spent the winter writing a new record that they intend to record in the fall of 2013. -

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