Spectacle Science et Sound à Strasbourg le 13 juin 2024

Jeudi 13 juin 2024


Le Shadok (25 Presqu'île André Malraux)

2.00 €

Plus d'infos sur le spectacle Science et Sound à Strasbourg

Welcome to Nerd Nite: Science and Sound ! Join us for a night of nerdy fun at Le Shadok.

After three 20-minute presentations in English, followed by a discussion with the audience, the stage will be taken by a DJ who will keep us moving until the end of the night! (...well, until 22:00 ;) )

Lineup :

18:00 : Doors open

18:15 : How do coronaviruses infect, and what do they do to your body? by Aishwarya Juneja, a PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology at IBMC.

This talk will briefly introduce basic virology and the host's response to viruses. It will highlight the mechanisms used by viruses to infect our cells and the defense strategy used by our cells to fight off these viruses.

18:55 : Why solar cells are ugly? Introduction to beautiful organic solar cells. - by Olivier Bardagot, CNRS researcher in Polymer Engineering at ICPEES (CNRS-University of Strasbourg).

Come to this talk to learn about the use of solar cells in the world, how electrical current is generated from the Sun, and get an introduction to a new, greener, and colorful technology of solar cells: the organic solar cells based on carbon-based materials.

19:40 :How to make a drug - by Maria J Garcia Leon, phD in Molecular Biology. Senior Principal Scientist on Immuno-Oncology at Domain Therapeutics.

Imagine we're modern-day alchemists, turning ideas into life-saving medicines! From random chemicals to precise drugs tackling complex diseases like cancer. How do we make them? How do we know they work and are safe? How much does it all cost? Welcome to Drug Discovery.

20:15 - 22:00 : DJ Set - Lamadrileña

Discopop - EDM - Technouse - Latin - Remember

Prix Libre, from 2?

Please bring cash for the bar !

Site web : https://fb.me/e/3uWXvh2wt

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